“The ‘A Time to Love’ candle smells divine!! This candle kit has been such a sweet addition to my home, creating a loving environment with the oils and the prayer! I burn it constantly and love it SO MUCH! Thank you, Cher Dieu!”

– Lindsay A.

“I love ‘A Time to be Born’! The candle smells AMAZING and the coconut wax burns clean! These candles are absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE my candle!”

– Melinda B.

“I bought Cher Dieu’s ‘A Time to Love’ Candle Kit. Every element is beautifully designed and crafted. The essential oils truly relax and invigorate me. The candle calms me. I love saying the prayer when I light the candle. It all smells amazing and lifts up my whole room! I also really enjoy being a part of the Cher Dieu e-prayer circle. I’m excited to try other kits!”

– Harper C.

“A Time to Heal”… I.LOVE.IT! What a great gift to give someone who is healing either physically or emotionally. What a beautiful thing to GIFT YOURSELF! The candle smells so good and comes with a powerful prayer…just beautiful!”

– Nicki K.

“I love this candle and the prayer is so lovely! This is a lovely way to take time out of your busy day – sit, be still, pray and reflect… a precious gift to yourself and others!”

– Tiffany P.

“I AM IN LOVE WITH THIS LINE!!! What sets the Cher Dieu luxury candles apart from others is the experience and engagement with an intimate ritual meant to help as people navigate the seasons of life. While experiencing some big life transitions, I used the ‘A Time to be Born’ candle representing a ‘re-birth’ in my life. As I burned the candle while I set my intentions through prayer – I found tremendous comfort, clarity, and support to help guide me in the right direction. This is NO ordinary luxury candle line!”

– Julia G.

“Once I learned of Cher Dieu, I immediately ordered ‘A Time to Heal’ for a friend grieving over her grandchild. She lit it immediately and together we experienced the moment.”

– Laura LC.

“Cher Dieu’s candles are so wonderful!”

– Sarah T.

“Cher Dieu’s gorgeous packaging and exquisite essence from the fragrance of the oils will fill your home and heart long after the candle has been extinguished. I highly recommend Cher Dieu for yourself and as gifts for family and friends.”

– Julia G.

“I prayed a long time for a child and after a couple miscarriages, God blessed me with a beautiful son. To celebrate his arrival, I received the Cher Dieu ‘A Time to Be Born’ candle. I lit the candle and lifted up my vulnerabilities and fears to God. As I watched the biblical oils burn and the sweet scent filter through the room, I felt an immediate peace and warmth. The lingering fragrance reminded me to remain faithful as God is so good.”

– Kim M.

“Cher Dieu pleases all the senses! I absolutely love these candles. The name, ‘Cher Dieu’ meaning ‘Dear God’ is the first draw and it’s almost too beautiful to light, but after reading the prayer and adding the oils, I couldn’t wait to enflame my heart with God’s Love and Mercy. Now, the scent of the oils reminds me of the place where God meets me in prayer.”

– Elsa R.

“I have purchased several of Cher Dieu’s candles for gifts for my friends and much to my delight ~ we all absolutely LOVE THEM! We love the tranquility and peacefulness they bring through the spiritual scents! Thank you, Cher Dieu!”

– Carlyn B.

“I’ve given gifts of Cher Dieu to many people but the one that stands out is the ‘A Time to Heal’ candle that I gave to my daughter. She is very far from God and sick with many things including anxiety. I sent her the candle with the oils and prayer, hoping it would bring her back…After awhile she herself called me to say, ‘God had calmed her anxiety.’ These candles have such a heavenly scent and burn so peacefully – they truly are amazing and full of Grace!”

– Rebecca D.

“The Cher Dieu experience is simply heavenly – they make the perfect gift!”

– Laura K.

“I own almost all of Cher Dieu’s scents! ‘A Time to Love’ is my favorite. Every time I light it, I feel a beautiful spirit and sense of calm around me. Not only do I get this sense of calm, but it smells absolutely beautiful and I get compliments on it every time I have anyone over! I would highly recommend this product to any of my loved ones!”

– Courtney M.

“I met the owner of Cher Dieu (Mary Meyer) at a recent event and had an instant connection with her and Cher Dieu. Mary has an empathetic and ethereal quality that is beautiful. I bought a Cher Dieu ‘A Time to Love’ candle and was instantly moved by the intention, prayer, and biblically inspired oils. The Love and Healing candles have brought me such a sense of peace and hope. I have given them as gifts and want to share my spiritual experience using these candles for intention, meditation and prayer. I am blessed to have met Mary and even more blessed to be truly transformed by Cher Dieu.”

– Bethanne O.

“We love our Cher Dieu (Dear God) candle! It was really peaceful praying for our baby as we lit the candle. It was pretty special getting to do that with my husband holding our newborn baby daughter.”

– Alexa M.

“My sweet friend sent me ‘A Time to Heal’ oil as a gift and what a blessing it has been. I diffuse it during my devotional time. God is using your gift and my friend’s gift as a blessing to me! I would like to purchase the other seasons please!”

– Anna P.

“There are a few steps that take place when dealing with illness. I truly feel we must first look to our own dwelling place for peace, comfort and direction. Lighting the Cher Dieu candle brings to mind the feeling of a Holy Dwelling Place such as a small chapel of prayer, calmness, and rest. It also, through its essence of the biblical oils, bring us closer to feeling the presence of the Divine, where healing begins. Thank you, Cher Dieu.”

– Bobbie S.

“OBSESSED with my NEW Cher Dieu Intentions Candle with Biblical Oils!  A clean, purely divine scent fills my home as I pray for a happy, healthy family and only joy & laughter & God’s love to reign in our home.  Thank you Cher Dieu for another gorgeous creation!!”

-Becca F.