About Cher Dieu

Thank you for exploring my new prayer collection, Cher Dieu (Dear God)! I hope these beautiful products bless your life with the loving and uplifting prayers of Cher Dieu and the biblical oils of His creation!

Cher Dieu was born out of my dearest father’s death. He had lived a long and blessed life but death always comes too soon. Not only was he a wonderful father, advocate, and confidant ~ he was also my dear friend.

I had been through many of life’s difficulties before…first, the death of a sweet childhood friend to a rare brain cancer, and then years later, the death of my best friend to AIDS.

I had lived through the trauma of my children’s father’s suicide and then raised them, tenderhearted teens, through its painful wake.

I had lost jobs, friends, material things…had a broken heart, and let go of a life dream…but even through those times, I remained grateful, hopeful, and even joyful for my blessings daily.

Until my father died.

I felt finally broken.

I placed my dad’s picture and some of his personal things next to a candle in my room, in an effort to honor his life and feel close to him.

I lit the candle and asked God to accept my dad lovingly, forever. But for the first time in my life, the room felt quiet and I felt empty.

I wanted communication of some kind…I wanted soothing, comforting…some relief from my deep sorrow and grief.

I wanted the candle to say something…to minister to me in some way. But it was silent.

As time passed, I noticed I had stopped praying.  It made me sad to pray and seemed to accentuate my feelings of loneliness and grief.

Through God’s grace, I had a conversation with a friend who told me about “biblical oils” and their ancient, symbolic history.  She said that specific oils have been known for centuries to anoint and bless people during difficult times in life.  I was intrigued.


I immediately started researching the biblical oils my friend told me about and was overwhelmed by their 1,000 plus references throughout the Bible.  I guess I had just glossed over them before, not giving any thought to their significance at all.

Yet, there is the costly Spikenard that Mary poured on the feet of Jesus and then wiped with her hair in humility, symbolizing His preparation for burial – John 12:3.  The Hyssop that was used to wipe away David’s sin – Psalm 51:7, and used in the first Passover to spread the blood around the door frames to protect the household from death – Exodus 12:22.  We all know about the Frankincense that was presented to baby Jesus upon his birth but I didn’t realize this was a gift only given to kings and the Myrrh that was also presented, symbolizing humility and service – Matthew 2:11 …just to name a few.

I decided to create a blend for my own grief with this new information.  I blended the oils of Frankincense, Galbanum, Spikenard and Rose of Sharon into a tiny vial and then added them to my silent candle. When I lit the candle this time and began to pray, I felt blessed and consoled.  And then realized…

I was praying again!

Through my prayer, I saw how God avails Himself to us in so many unsuspecting and simple ways.  How something as humble as a flower or plant can point us to and bring us back to Him, and for His glory was astounding to me.

I then started formally studying all kinds of oils and their biblical history and significance…oils, that when layered with prayer, would anoint and bless my family and friends during the difficult times in their lives – just as was done in the Old and New Testament.

The Cher Dieu prayer collection, created with biblical oils was then born – allowing me to share my prayer journey with countless people, and hopefully helping them along their prayer walk.  God has blessed me with a prayer ministry, of all things. He used a woman whose prayer life was dark and searching to help bring others to prayer.

There are so many profound and often difficult times in life when we all need anointing and blessing.  Times of tears, laughter, love, the birth of a child, someone whom we dearly love dies…

As Ecclesiastes, Chapter 3 of the Bible so beautifully illustrates: “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven… A Time to Love… A Time to Mourn… A Time to Heal… A Time to be Born…”

I pray that my Cher Dieu prayer collection blesses and uplifts you during these most sacred times in your life, and I thank you for bringing Cher Dieu into your heart and home.

Mary Meyer 
Creator and CEO