Cher Dieu Prayer

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Cher Dieu, Please bless this new circle of friends You are gathering through this beautiful biblical oil product line, “Cher Dieu”.  Heal where there needs healing; uplift and console grieving hearts.  Protect and restore homes with renewed energy, peace, forgiveness and love.  Relieve stress, anxiety and depression, Cher Dieu.  And please bring us all closer […]

Biblical Oils: God’s Original Medicine

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Biblical, essential oils come from plant essences (the oils of the plant) and are considered the life-blood of the plant.  The two types of oils plants make are essential and fatty.  Most seeds contain both types of oils.  Essential oils circulate within a plant to carry out its function as a living creation while the […]

Aromatherapy vs. Aroma-Chology… What is the difference?

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Aromatherapy dates back to ancient civilizations including Chinese, Indian, Egyptian, Greek, and Roman populations who used essential oils in drugs, remedies, perfumes, cleansers and cosmetics. These oils were also used for aromatic and spiritual pleasure and to create an atmosphere of beauty and tranquility. I love the story about Cleopatra soaking her ship’s sails in […]